cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow cookies (from momofuku!)

My friends find this odd and slightly loser-ish, but I really really love grocery shopping. I could spend hours perusing the jam and butter aisle at Whole Foods (blueberry jam + maple almond butter = PB&J 2.0) or admiring Trader Joe's lovely hummus selection (might I recommend cilantro jalapeño). I have spent more Friday nights than I'd like to admit feeling perfectly content while I push a shopping cart through Giant. Sometimes I even dress up for these trips, just in case my soulmate also happens to be grocery shopping and we meet among the frozen pizzas and the bon bons.

Odd and slightly loser-ish?


And so, after that whole spiel, you can probably guess where I headed after receiving this in the mail:

Though I've never experienced any of Momofuku's baked goods, I've heard they are legendary. I ordered this book online so I could attempt some of Christina Tosi's recipes for myself.

In addition to all the raving reviews, there are a few complaints about the obscure ingredients some of these recipes require (freeze-dried corn powder, anyone?). I decided to start with one of the easier recipes, cornflake chocolate-chip marshmallow cookies. The only somewhat unusual ingredient I had to find at the store was milk powder, but that wasn't a problem.

Like many of their recipes, this one has a recipe-in-a-recipe kind of thing going on, so first I had to make the Cornflake Crunch (you can find the recipe for that here). Besides that extra step, and the one-hour wait while the dough was chilling (waiting kills me), these cookies were a cinch!

Your job will be much easier with a stand mixer, as Christina Tosi's cookies require you to cream the butter and sugar for ten minutes. I'm still part of the ancient handheld mixer club, so I got my annual bicep workout from this process. (Still begging for that KitchenAid mixer in Aqua Sky, shout-out to my mom if she sees this.)

They turned out crunchy, crispy, chewy, chocolatey, all those fantastic "c" words that a cookie deserves. I thought they were a little too sweet and wasn't sure if I got the texture quite right, but my family was pretty enthusiastic about them. The best part is pulling the cookie apart and getting that melty marshmallow action. Just like this:

So there, finally broke in my new cookbook and stained the pages with buttery fingerprints to prove it! Good ol' Martha Stewart posted the recipe here if you wanna give it a shot. (Note: The recipe says to use a 1/3 cup measure for portioning out the dough. I reduced that to about 2 tablespoons, and the cookies still turned out pretty huge.)

Thanks to these cookies, I'll be snacking on leftover cornflake crunch the whole weekend. I discovered it also tastes great mixed in with homemade granola, which I'll be posting a recipe for tomorrow!

- ck